S L V T C R Λ F T – the new 5 song EP Out Now!!

you want that power synthtanik?
do the rituals and pull out them tits.
you want all that dark powers in your hand,
then work that pole and shake thou ass.

too frigid for that kind of sacrifice?
S L V T C R Λ F T ain’t for you, go back to your 20 side dice.

this is where science fucks with magick.
nights of eros, chrome and demon sluts.

Time for a neon riot EP

The demon city is one of vast technology, augmented human-demon hybrids, robotic sex slaves and hard light hologram anime prostitutes. the city is is no savior. it is more akin to a vampiric creature of the night. it takes what it wants. it leaves it’s dead for all to see. the city’s neuro network; the hypernet, steals your rights just to allow you to stay connected. you’re given two choices – shut and surrender your rights and your life to the city, or venture to the radioactive badlands and wait to see how long you’ll suffer before you finally die from contamination.

enough is enough…. rise up, it’s time for a neon riot!


the shadow network EP (july 2015)

The city asphyxiates on corporate greed and corruption. when those too weak to stand up for themselves need a savior they turn to an unlikely hero – a phantom of the grid, but no insurgent is without allies. they are the shadow network, they have only one mission in life – to drink beer and kick some corporate ass!

Ghostdrive – “behold​!​! The key to VecTURNT Sigma!” digital LP

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    I hope you enjoy these tracks mostly inspired by the transformers universe albeit given my own deviant twists. its set to pay what you want/ as little as zero to any amount you feel you’d like to pass my way for the release is just fine. i had fun doing this months EP and it ended up alot more work than usual but it was worth it. i love making these synthwave/cyberpunk songs for your listening pleasure!
    may they take your mind to fun new places!!

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Shindatropolis III: BELLY OF THE BEAST

One can never truly leave the city for long. the city has ways of pulling you back. it has messengers to scour the dreamscape, to assure you are called back to the city. Shindatropolis needs you, it can’t live without you, it does not however need you to be alive. The beast will pull at your nerves, your fears your wants, your desires and use them to sink its claws into you. use them to pull you back into its demonic embrace, to pull you back to … SHINDATROPOLIS



released 10 April 2015