Oki – Hahen – It’s A Hell Of A Mash Up(a maho hahen X Okidogs / youthhgonemad x ghostdrive Mash Up)

so this is kind of a joke. my brother @jonathan-pinkard and i were listening to ,y song Theghostdrive – Its-a-hell-of-a-drug for the first time together and i kept swearing it reminded me of an old punk song.

I eventually found out which. it was youth gone mad – oki-dogs(1981)youtu.be/nXA0_lqx6hU?list=PL1E9398A8A7129767 i then thought it’d be hilarious to mash the two. ive never attempted this. and i could find acapellas for the song so i did what i could 🙂 anyways here as a free DL




the shadow network EP (july 2015)

The city asphyxiates on corporate greed and corruption. when those too weak to stand up for themselves need a savior they turn to an unlikely hero – a phantom of the grid, but no insurgent is without allies. they are the shadow network, they have only one mission in life – to drink beer and kick some corporate ass!

Shindatropolis IV: neon nights paid in blood

they cover the city in neon lights to lull you into a sense of futuristic nirvana, but do not be fooled. The neon city is brightly colored only to distract you from the sight of a city where the rich live off the backs of the poor. a city with bright neon nights paid in blood.

this is the fourth installment in the Shindatropolis cyberpunk series. see the shindatropolis lnk up top for more info